Upstairs at The Yoga Hall

Upstairs at The Yoga Hall

Voice Coaching

DISCOVERING THE VOICE: Exploring the healing of Body & Mind through the way we use our voices. The Voice leads into all forms of relaxation. James teaches a holistic understanding of the Voice and Breath that incorporates the Alexander Technique and other therapeutic methods, leading to new paths of expression and sound, finding new ways of becoming comfortable with your Voice and thus becoming comfortable with your authentic self. Suitable for all and particularly useful for teachers, singers, actors and lecturers.
THE VOICE OF THE STORYTELLER – Your Story! ‘How to be heard’ — All too often we feel we’re not being listened to! A fresh approach to learn how to captivate the listener – The art of storytelling . ‘Everybody has a story to tell’ — how to find those to listen to your story! How to de-construct an unwanted story and re-tell it, re-think it, joke about it and how to bring new thoughts. ‘How to listen’ — the finest soulful and truthful voice comes from listening.
HOW TO IMPART. — A playful and uplifting way to express your feelings and how to be in touch with your ‘Sound and Body’ – ‘Sound and Mind’. Animal characters, mythical creatures or even inanimate objects in the telling of your story become tools in finding the truth about yourself! To be fully in touch with your humour and to experience the fullness of laughter massaging your soul! How allegory aids us to find the truth about human qualities. A fresh way of finding inner peace, harmony and clarity of mind – to find your authentic self and voice. The Yoga in Storytelling. Stories tell us how we came to be who we are. Others offer guidance on how to live, how to relate to each other and how to cope with life’s joys and crises. Stories that probe the adult mind and heart into the deepest mysteries of life. It helps us to discover our own story and how to be true and authentic. How to transform body and mind to lift your heart and the hearts of those that listen to you.
THE LANGUAGE OF SOUND – the sound of words fully explored – healing sounds and vibrations once investigated bring a new understanding to ‘words’. How to be authentic with your word.
James Barton‘s passion for the voice began in his early years as a trained cathedral chohister. He feels the voice can be used as a tool to discover health and well being of Body, Mind and Spirit. He is a RADA trained voice specialist and drama therapist. A 1hr session cost £45. Available as a one to one session or small groups. For more details contact or call James on 07817 262459

Psychotherapy and Coaching

INTEGRATIVE, TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOTHERAPY & COUNSELLING is a complete and holistic approach to talking therapy that brings together mind, body and spiritual aspects that importantly contribute to our psychological health and well-being.
Often in life when we experience painful things there is a tendency to run away from the problem, or sometimes even try to ignore it. This can lead to a number of struggles such as depression, anxiety, withdrawal and addiction. By exploring these difficulties in a safe, caring and observant environment, we can gently come to know them and in doing so can shift its hold on our lives and potential for growth. This journey in therapy not only allows us to let go of such difficulties, it also encourages a greater connection with who we really are – because finally we have given a voice to ourselves. This in turn cultivates a stronger sense of ‘self’ and a more conscious connection to the people and world around us.
Areas of specialisms include (but are not limited to); depression, anxiety, post-natal depression & motherhood, childhood trauma and abuse, PTSD diagnoses, relationship issues, self-esteem, self-confidence and emotional regulation.
Danielle Slater M.A. Psych., PGDip. Psych. UKCP & BACP accredited. Danielle is an experienced and registered adult counsellor & psychotherapist, working for the NHS both in London and Hertfordshire as well as private and charitable organisations. Her fees are £40 for daytime sessions and £50 in the evenings. Please contact or alternatively call 07841 599635 for initial enquiries. Website coming soon.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage originates from Buddhist tradition and has elements of Vipassana (meditation of insight), Metta (loving kindness), Yoga & Thai Chi. It is the application of rhythmic pressure on points and energy lines in the body, yogic stretching of muscles and joint manipulation. By using body weight, hands, thumbs, elbows, knees, feet and forearms your Thai Yoga Massage therapist is able to go deep into a soft tissue and internal organs.
* Fully clothed massage
* Given on a soft floor mat
Some common benefits of Thai Yoga Massage: Muscle release, Increased flexibility and joint movement, Lymphatic cleanse, Toxic elimination, Postural alignment, Internal organ stimulation, Neurological functioning and vitality boost, stress and tension relief, healing of long term injuries, balance of energy flow, strengthening of immune system, deep relaxation and calming of the mind, emotional release.
Pregnancy and Postnatal Thai Massage – Thai Yoga Massage that is specially designed to facilitate a woman’s journey during and after birth. We understand how sometimes it can be difficult to arrange childcare for the newly born baby, hence for Postnatal Thai Massage treatments, the baby is welcome to lie down by the mother’s side.
1 hour – £50
1.5 hours – £70
2 hours – £85
For more information or to book call ieva on 07477 879904


SHIATSU is a Japanese healing art. Through the application of massage, gentle manipulation, pressure to energy points and channels, gentle deep stretches and various other techniques Shiatsu seeks to establish a harmonious flow of energy, body fluids, nerve conduction, gland and organ function. Shiatsu can be healing, invigorating, relaxing, restorative and can expose and deal with the deep needs of the body and person. It has a deep calming and grounding effect on mind and spirit and often resolves held emotional patterns. Treatment takes place on a futon fully clothed. £50 per for a one hour treatment.

Nicky has been a Shiatsu practitioner for over 10 years and has had great success with a wide range of conditions and clients.
Nicky is also a teacher of Qi Gong.

To book an appointment please contact Nicky on 07931 703084