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Creating a close relationship between the body and mind
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Our Classes

Seniors Yoga

Beginners Yoga (level1)

If you are new to Yoga, start here,
and enjoy a new experience.

restorative yoga

Hatha Yoga (level2)

Mixed styles and energy range.
Some Yoga experience required.

Seniors Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Spiritual practice to activate Shakti
Some Yoga experience recommended

restorative yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

From 12 weeks to 42 weeks.
No experience necessary

Seniors Yoga

Mother and Baby

Post-natal Yoga with Baby Massage
From 6 weeks

Seniors Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Props support opening and rest
No experience necessary

restorative yoga

Yin Yoga

Slow, quiet practice. Long, deep poses.
Some Yoga experience recommended

Seniors Yoga

Seniors Yoga

Yoga is an ageless pathway.
Suitable for any level, any age.

restorative yoga

Kids Yoga

Exercise, relaxation and mindfulness
for kids aged 2.5 to 10 years

Seniors Yoga

Teens Yoga

Relax, de-stress, connect
and be completely original

Seniors Yoga

Sound Events

Gorgeous Nourishing Soundscapes
De-stress and deep release. No effort.

restorative yoga


Meditation: All Levels
Experience Various techniques

Seniors Yoga

Yoga Nidra

Deep rest guided embodiment journey
No experience necessary

restorative yoga

Other Classes

Other regular classes, dance,
trapeze and acro

Seniors Yoga

Events & Workshops

Workshops, Retreats, Courses,
Seasonal, Red Tent, Men’s Group, etc.

This Week’s Timetable

You can find your class by clicking the link pictures above, or use the dropdown menus and date selector in the Schedule below.
Joining classes by Zoom is significantly cheaper, including options for low income and students. However, in-person is best.
If you are able to commit to 5 in-person classes within 2 months, you can buy a CLASS PASS and save £10.

There are no classes on Good Friday 29th March, Easter Sunday 31st March, Bank Holiday Monday 1st April.
Classes on Saturday 30th March will go ahead as usual.

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Yoga at the Yoga Hall

Yoga at The Yoga Hall supports and amplifies flexibility, flow, ease, strength, insight, intuition and resilience. Through subtle awareness, breath and movement, you will be invited to begin uncovering your inner world, to find out more and more of who and what you really are. The process of meeting, befriending, loving and unwinding the body, of letting it talk to you, enhances your life from the inside out. Connecting together the often fragmented pieces of the mind, body and breath/spirit helps us to practically manage our energy on a daily basis and gives us the clarity and motivation to lead lives of authenticity, even when the going gets tough.

The Space

Hatha Yoga

This safe, expansive, nurturing and inspiring venue has been a dedicated Yoga space since January 2003. The walls have absorbed the energy of good hearts and good intentions, supporting spiritual practice for both student and teacher alike. The vibration is high and there is much laughter. It is a dwelling place for a tribe of likeminded souls dedicated to cultivating joy, whilst honouring and supporting each other through the rocks and shoals of life’s journey.  There is, quite simply, nowhere else like it.

Mother & Baby Classes

We Offer the following Yoga Classes for Mother & Baby. We finish each class with herbal tea and our own very popular biscuits. Recipes can be found here. There is plenty of time and space to make new friends, pick up advice, ask questions and pass on insights.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

We practice hatha yoga in a fluid style, focusing on issues that are particularly relevant during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Yoga

Baby Massage and Post-Natal Yoga

Connect with yourself, your baby and your community. Babies lie with us while we practice Post-natal Yoga, then we move to Developmental Baby Massage.

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Pregnancy Yoga


We finish each class with herbal tea and our own very popular biscuits. Recipes can be found here.

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Dedicated to their own practice and personal evolution, Yoga Hall teachers care for and honour the reciprocity of the student/teacher relationship. Side by side sitting in circle or shoulder to shoulder drinking tea after class, we create intentional space for wisdom to arise from within the sangha (community).  The learning, growth, fun and creativity is a by-product of decades of experience engaging with the Yogic Path and enquiring into what this really means for us in these modern times of accelerating change. The depth of the teaching is supported by the study of a wide range of other personal development tools and modalities which help to provide a grounded, embodied experience when you come to a class.

Find us

We are less than 200 metres from St Peters Street in the centre of St Albans, about 10 minutes walk from St Albans Railway Station.

You may be able to find street parking in the local area within a few minutes walk, or you can use the Bricket Road NCP car park, less than 2 minutes from The Yoga Hall. Our small car park can only be used on Sundays or after 6:30pm Monday to Saturday.

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