The Yoga Hall is a special place. You immediately feel calm on entering. I have attended general, workshops & pregnacy classes over many years with Laura & Finlay. How ever hard i feel it is to get there, i never come out disappointed. I always feel great afterwards. it is a real escape. Thanks Laura & Finlay for giving.

— G

Thank you very much for heart felt weekend, full of connection and love. I feel energized, refreshed and very alive. Thank you!


Just a note to say a big thank you for a professional, thoughtful and inspirational retreat, Jo and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we learned a lot.


I felt very lucky to be taught by you both and to learn a little more from your amazing skills and experience. I appreciate the care and interest you showed us.


It was a great week in a paradise setting (In Sabina Retreat). You are wonderful Yoga teachers!! The practice cleared my mind quite a bit and I’m very motivated in keeping up morning meditation and daily Asanas as I realized how good this is for me if I really make it a daily habit. Let’s see. 😉


Thanks for such good ante natal classes – I’m convinced I achieved the delivery without a lot of intervention because of the relaxation, breathing and movements I’d learnt in yoga along with lots of determination and will power!


So lucky to have a place like this in St Albans. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi there are classes for everyone. I have been attending classes here for 8 years and it has literally changed my life. A place full of authenticity, integrity and love ?


I really enjoyed the retreat and thought you organised it brilliantly – you are both inspiring teachers! I’ve returned with a clearer mind, healthier body and keen to keep up my daily practice.


Love this place.


I really enjoyed everything about the retreat – thank you again. I went mainly for the asanas and got a much clearer sense of my strengths and weaknesses because of the amount of ground you covered.


Before the retreat, I was sure it would be relaxing and inspirational but it was much more than that. Sabina itself was beautiful. The grounds were so quiet and peaceful, and the accomodations were lovely. It was so nice to be served healthy, tasty food at regular intervals (what a concept!) ? By the end…


Thanks for all your advice and guidance over the last few months it really made a difference during the pregnancy and I felt pretty fit and confident about the birth too which really helped.


The yoga really worked!!!!!


I feel great which I put down to the yoga.


Thank you especially for the kindness, peace, concern and friendship you’ve given me these last many months of what has certainly been a challenging pregnancy. Without your class to look forward to each week – where both the relaxation of yoga and the wonderful exchange between us moms-to-be helped me cope enormously with the stress life threw at me – what would I have done? You’re a truly caring person, Laura, and the women who attend your classes are lucky to benefit from all you offer as a teacher and friend.


Pregnancy Yoga at the Yoga Hall, probably the best thing about pregnancy!


We made some very lovely friends and memories from those wonderful days of antenatal, baby massage and baby yoga classes. Thank you for providing a peaceful, warm and friendly environment for new moms and babes!


I really loved your classes and would recommend them to anyone.


And thank you again for wonderful retreat. I wasn’t in a great place when I arrived and felt much stronger at the end of our week together so thank you so much for all your kindness and positivity and for your wonderful teaching. Have a lovely sunny day.


I can’t recommend this place highly enough.


Thank you so much for all your help and advice during my pregnancy.


Thanks for being such a positive part of my pregnancy.


I have really enjoyed the antenatal yoga classes & feel that they were really beneficial. I especially enjoyed the sense of solidarity & sharing it gave participants & I have been recommending the classes to loads of people. If you ever need a testimony for your website, do let me know. Anyway, thanks especially to you for your friendship & support over the last 5 1/2 months that I have been attending- it has been invaluable & I look forward to taking this forward in baby massage & other classes.