Aquarian Sadhana

Hatha Yoga

Aquarian Sadhana

5:00am to 7:30am at The Yoga Hall

Aquarian Sadhana is a foundational Kundalini yoga practice that includes –

Japji, also known as the ‘Song of the Soul’
Kundalini Yoga Kriya with Relaxation
Long Ek Ong Kar
Aquarian Mantras (chanting)

We finish with Porridge and Yogi Tea

Japji Sahib is a poetic permutation of sounds channelled by the first Sikh Guru after his experience of enlightenment.
You can find an on-line Japji for chanting here:-
(please note that in its original form, Japji is gender neutral. The translation above is gendered (eg by thinking he cannot be reduced to thought) as are most translations.

Aquarian Mantras are here:-

Attend in person at The Yoga Hall, or join on Zoom.
Please bring your copy of Japji and your sheepskin if you have them.
We have mats, cushions, blankets and props at The Yoga Hall.
You may want to bring a lidded flask, if you have one, to fill up with our Yogi Tea.
Please book your free spot in the schedule below.

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Aquarian Sadhana Schedule

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