Menopause Yoga Circle

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The Menopause Transition: A Yoga Circle for Women

Start date: 21st July 2022
Time: 7.30-9.00pm, Reflection: 9.00-9.30pm

Menopause is a death and rebirth process; a soulful awakening; a psycho-spiritual journey; a sacred gateway which is a part of every woman’s maturation process.

A new story is waiting to unfold in you which is calling for spacious rest that allows the psyche to gently expand to include more of itself. Like all initiations, menopause can be surprising, challenging, shocking even. But although each woman experiences her menopause transition in a unique way, the overlapping threads that can be followed act as a handrail through the process and out the other side. 

Whether you be peri-menopausal, going through your menopause year, or in the few years post-menopause and still experiencing the echo of the journey, you are invited to this brave space to be a part of the re-framing of menopause; from pothole to portal.

Here the diverse tools of various yogic traditions are woven together with the menopause teachings of Red School and that of modern-day neuroscience. Put together, these can be used as part of a holistic care plan to improve many of the symptoms of menopause, including providing relief from stress and anxiety by working closely with the nervous system.

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“Trust your process for there is an implicit order at work that is unfolding.” Alexandra Pope

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