Pregnancy Circle

Held Monthly for All Mamas-to-be
Yoga Nidra

Pregnancy Circle for All Mamas-to-be

10:00am to 12:00noon  £16
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We are here to witness, hold sacred space and celebrate woman on the cusp of motherhood.

We support a mama-to-be in remembering her strength, power, divinity and anything else she needs as she prepares to not only birth her baby, but herself as a Mother.

The intention of this Pregnancy Circle is to offer the Mama the space to remember her power, to let go of any fears, to be seen, witnesses, celebrated and honoured for the journey she is embarking on, one that will change her forever.

It takes a village to make a mama; this Circle is here to remind her that although only she can birth her baby, she is not alone on her quest.

Our sessions are held by Grace Hall, Tammy Godsall, and Eleonora Fornelli.

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