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Restorative Yoga

​Restorative Yoga is the use of props to support the body in positions of ease to facilitate deep relaxation and health. We work very hard in our lives, and while we may sleep, we rarely taken time to rest. Restorative Yoga poses help us learn to relax and rest deeply and completely and involve ‘opening’ rather than ‘stretching’. The session will include long relaxed poses of up to 10-20 minutes; life shifts when we become present. Restorative Yoga is in the learning to be ‘here’ and ‘now’ and at ease with introspection.

Restorative Yoga is good for everyone, including people who have little or no experience of Yoga, pregnant and postpartum women.

Restorative Yoga poses help relieve the effects of chronic stress. Each restorative sequence is designed to move the spine in all directions; Yoga tells us that well-being is enhanced by a healthy spine. All restorative sequences include an inverted pose, which reverses the effects of gravity, returning fluids to the upper body and enhancing heart function. Restorative Yoga stimulates and soothes the organs. Restorative Yoga balances prana (upwards energy) and apana (downwards energy) making sure you are neither overstimulated nor depleted.

This is a monthly workshop.

Early bird in-person price £25, then £30 two weeks before the event.

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