Seniors Yoga

Seniors Yoga

Yoga is an ageless pathway to personal health and awareness of our own place of inner harmony and balance. A consistent yoga practice can create miracles of healing of our bodies and minds.

Yoga works. It has been clinically shown to lower blood pressure, increase circulation, build muscle tissue, increase flexibility, relieve stress and stress-related symptoms, and strengthen the respiratory system. Other benefits include relief from symptoms of menopause, counteracting osteoporosis, cleansing of internal organs, energizing the nervous system, balancing out the digestive system and relief from headaches and lower back pain.

Yoga benefits the body, mind and soul. The choice to enjoy those benefits is yours.

Seniors Yoga Schedule

Seniors Yoga on 28th March will go ahead as usual, but our water will be turned off, so no tea after the class and each loo will be limited to one flush.

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