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Womb Yoga is a deeply feminine, transformative spiritual practice. It is a potent re-connection to the source of our creativity (Shakti), inspiration, power and guidance.

This receptive practice encourages the art of deep listening and grows in us an appreciation of our bodies own unique unwinding process. It is nurturing, stabilising and joyful, and it dignifies our cyclical nature.

Whether you are a menstruating woman, on a journey of fertility – seeking to conceive, recovering in the post-natal period (with or without a baby), transitioning through the peri-menopause and menopause, or have long since stopped menstruating, this practice will welcome you home.

Asana, mantra, mudra, nidra, chanting, meditation and pranayama (breathwork) are woven together in an ever-evolving flow. We will also explore the transformative power of the wisdom goddesses of yoga.

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