Coronavirus Pandemic


Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated 31st March 12:50

Namaste dear Friends and Students…

We are only able to offer online classes while Hertfordshire is in tier 3, tier 4, or lockdown.
We are hoping to re-open for hybrid (in-person and Zoom) classes on May 17th.


Thank you all so much for your continued support.

We want to do whatever we can to support your health and well-being and the continuation of your Yoga practice. We have modified our classes to reflect the need for managing anxiety, resilience and lung health.

The current situation has had a significant effect on our business and we also realise some of you are unable to earn at all. In these uncertain times, we have also taken the bold step of inviting you to join our classes in a spirit of generosity. It must be worthwhile, dynamic and sustainable. We want you to feel welcome to participate, and we also need to cover The Yoga Hall’s costs.  In order to keep the doors of The Yoga Hall open, we need to continue to pay rent, utilities and maintenance.

You are the one who identifies your contribution. The suggested price honourably covers the “hard marginal costs” of your participation. Those who contribute more (thank you!) make it possible to include some who cannot. Some valued participants can only afford a lower amount. Just go ahead and identify it, down to the class minimum. We are very excited to welcome you as part of this courageous and generous community!

If we can support you further, please call Laura (07974 653661) or Finlay (07958 927946).


To book for a class, select Zoom from our TIMETABLE PAGE.

Or you can find the links to all our online Zoom classes below.
You will be able to book 5 or 6 days before each class.

If this is your first experience with our Zoom classes, please allow a bit of time to book a class, register with Zoom and familiarise  yourself with the Zoom App. You can download a free app for your computer or mobile device HERE and create a free account for yourself.  When you purchase a ticket from our shop, you will be sent a unique link to join that class.

We were able to extend vouchers for use online for 5 months however class vouchers are now no longer valid.
If however you are experiencing financial difficulty, please pay the minimum class price.


Please help us spread the word.  Share your experience of our online classes with your friends & family as well as on social media.

Thank you for all the positive feedback and support we have received in the last months.  We are very grateful to be able to continue to connect with you all again in person and virtually and look forward to seeing you soon.