Kirtan, Mantra, Celestial Meditations. Wah!

Chanting Kirtan, Mantra, Celestial Meditations and more.

No experience necessary. Booking essential.

No ideologies.
No dogmas.
we share our feelings
through the sound of our voices
and the rhythm of our hearts.

7pm Meditation
7:30 Chanting
9:30 Golden Mylk
10:00 Close

Kirtan chanting is a joyful, devotional practice that helps to uplift the mind and open the heart. The mystical, ancient mantras used are a way of tapping into a higher vibrational sound current or energy field. These sounds resonate with our energy centres (chakras) and because of this, Kirtan chanting is known to be one of the most direct ways of connecting with one’s own heart and divine presence. When we chant we can benefit from this healing energy, soothing our nervous system with the long exhales it induces. Close your eyes, practice following the words and music, without worrying about how you sound. The added sound the instruments make is unforgettable.

2024 Saturday chanting dates:
6th January, 3rd February, 2nd March, 30th March,
27th April, 1st June, 29th June, 27th July,
14th September, 12th October, 9th November, 14th December.

Chanting Schedule

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