Yoga through the Seasons

4 classes a year

This series of four workshops, one for each time of the year, explore ways to integrate the changing seasons and the Celtic Wheel of the Year into your Yoga practice and into your life.

As we tune into our cyclical nature, we begin to understand how we can only harvest the energy of our inner summer if we have taken the time to rest and restore during the winter months.
As we ease from winter into spring we may notice the validity of opening slowly. The internal lights dim and the outer world commands more of our attention as we move into action. As we tip over from summer to autumn, a gradual slowing down is called for. Our inner lights become brighter and more interesting, and the draw of the external world begins to fade. There is a natural ebb and flow to the year.
With Mother Earth and her seasons as our guide, relief emerges as it starts to sink in that there is no rush. As we listen more closely to our own unique internal whisperings we begin to stand under the truth that there is no lack. We begin to sense that there is no need to push, to try too hard or to over-consume. Step by step, perhaps, we begin to slow down and live in a more sustainable manner.
These sessions are designed to support your journey back home to yourself.
More connected, because you are in tune with the seasons, you may discover a sense of belonging that will support a closer relationship to your life’s purpose and a confidence that you are held as part of it all.
Mindful asana, pranayama, chanting, poetry and Yoga Nidra will be woven together and explored through the lens of each season.

Next class 23rd October.  2022 dates will be published soon.

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