Sound Bath

Sound Journey with Lia

During this Sound Journey, Lia will offer a truly unique experience amplified by a variety of instruments, including crystal singing bowls, drums, sounds inspired by water and enchanting chimes.
Sound often has a swift and long lasting effect by fusing the vibrations and frequencies of these beautiful instruments to pinpoint stagnant energies, anxiety and trauma, along with shifting blocked emotions whilst creating a magical soundscape.
Sound journeys are deeply healing and rejuvenating experience which induces a meditative space for the mind and body to relax whilst offering a full body sonic massage.

Cacao Ceremony

Before the Sound Journey begins, Lia will lead a brief Cacao Ceremony. Cacao is a magically healing plant medicine which has been used for thousands of years in ceremonies by Aztec and Mayan tribes. They worshipped the Cacao tree as a symbol of the Divine Feminine and believed the great gods of heaven had sent Cacao to earth, to reveal their spiritual element and path – this medicine is pure and precious, it is a heart opener that holds you in a deep embrace of inner bliss. Sharing Cacao in ceremony is a beautiful way of journeying with the essence of her magic and to form deeper transformational bonds in community.
Along with the spiritual intentions it has numerous health and wellbeing qualities such as containing numerous vitamins and minerals and known to reduce anxiety and depression.
For anyone who is unsure about working with Cacao, they are welcome to enjoy the Sound Journey without working with this magical elixir.

Sunday 19th May, 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Please bring any props, cushions and blankets you want with you to help you get really comfortable.

Sound Bath with Laura & Finlay

2nd June

7:30pm to 9:00pm

Everything is Vibration. As Sound, an infinite variety of qualities such as volume, pitch, tone, timbre, rhythm, harmony, pattern, music and story, are generating resonance and discord throughout our bodies and our minds, constantly contributing to distraction, fatigue, and dis-ease. Using instruments whose vibrations encourage calm, ease, spaciousness, and release, a Sound Bath can be a profound healing experience. We listen deeply through our skin and bones, not just our ears and minds. We participate together, clearing the field between us, re-integrating coherence, and supporting the emergence of a new vitality.

To begin, we move just a little to prime the receptivity of our bodies. This is entirely optional, but also really easy. Then we lie on the floor, with whatever supports our comfort, rest, and our journey into sound. We may offer a prayer and some guidance at the end to help you home for a gorgeous nourishing sleep.

£22 – Booking essential

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