Sound Bath

Cacao Ceremony and Gong Bath

Cacao is a beautiful and very safe and gentle heart opener, giving our often busy and analytical minds a chance to rest. It can bring us into deep connection with ourselves and Pachamama, our precious planet Earth. We will begin our evening with gratitude , setting our personal intentions and whilst drinking the cacao, you will be guided to meet with the essence of cacao… and to journey with her and the beautiful sound landscape of the symphonic gong..
Symphonic means that it is crafted to produce clear notes and harmonics which can be brought forth using different mallets and striking points, but it is not tuned to any one particular frequency. This full spectrum of sound vibrates all the cells, bones and organs.  Each constellation of participants will experience a unique combination of tones, sounds and vibrations particular to them.
Coupled with Cacao, which helps disperse any blockages around the heart, we can experience healing at a cellular level to rebalance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies

Sunday 14th January, 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Please bring any props, cushions and blankets you want with you to help you get really comfortable.

About cacao: The cacao we will be using is “ceremonial grade” from Peru, which means that, unlike your usual (chocolate), it is made from the whole bean. The drink is then made with lots of love , wishes and water (no dairy).

Cacao is best digested on an empty stomach so allow 2 hours after eating, before the event if you can.

Contraindications: Cacao contains theobromine, which can be a migraine trigger for some people. It is also a stimulant. If you are pregnant or sensitive to stimulants and would like to come, please speak to me and I can serve you a smaller amount. If you are on SSRI or MAOIs, please speak to you doctor.

About Claudia: I have been working with plants as ancient allies for our healing for many years- and with the medicine of cacao for over 4 years. I’ve trained with various “Cacaoistas” and other plant medicine teachers and hold a monthly online cacao circle as well as 1:1s and small groups. It is my intention to create a heart-centred and honouring setting, fully appreciating the heritage and history of cacao. –

About Laura: I began playing the gong to complement Kundaini Yoga where gong meditation is often part of the class. I have loved learning about my 36” symphonic gong, how to play it and to make the most of it’s sound. Tuning in to the feel of each group, and then playing in an intuitive way means I am thoroughly immersed and present to the joy of the beautiful instrument. – Instructors | The Yoga Hall

Sound Bath with Laura & Finlay

28th January 2023

7:30pm to 9:00pm

Everything is Vibration. As Sound, an infinite variety of qualities such as volume, pitch, tone, timbre, rhythm, harmony, pattern, music and story, are generating resonance and discord throughout our bodies and our minds, constantly contributing to distraction, fatigue, and dis-ease. Using instruments whose vibrations encourage calm, ease, spaciousness, and release, a Sound Bath can be a profound healing experience. We listen deeply through our skin and bones, not just our ears and minds. We participate together, clearing the field between us, re-integrating coherence, and supporting the emergence of a new vitality.

To begin, we move just a little to prime the receptivity of our bodies. This is entirely optional, but also really easy. Then we lie on the floor, with whatever supports our comfort, rest, and our journey into sound. We may offer a prayer and some guidance at the end to help you home for a gorgeous nourishing sleep.

£22 – Booking essential

AromaSounds with Lisa Pauley

The weaving of alchemy crystal sounds with therapeutic essential oils to release & receive, replenish & nurture –

The AromaSounds® Journey weaves the pure sounds of alchemy crystal bowls with the beneficial properties of plant wisdom of essential oils, and the Chinese Medicine practice of AromaPoint therapy with the guided radiant rest of Yoga Nidra. The loving intention being to create ease & flow throughout our entire being. AromaSounds is the most elegant union of physics & chemistry, ancient wisdom & modern science, aroma & deep relaxation

Lisa created AromaSounds® from years of studying, practice and integration of her 4 favourite synergistic therapies. Each one stimulates and catalyses the body’s natural healing response. When we combine all 4 together, we experience balance and harmony within our physical & emotional body, that opens up spaciousness within our heart, that ultimately fosters a deep connection to our whole self. The immersion relaxes both our nervous system and our brain waves offering enormous benefits.

*** Each guest will also receive a 3ml bottle of Lisa’s handmade essential oil blend in a hessian pouch. ***

Important to know:

For those receiving alchemy crystal sound healing for the first time, please be aware that the transmission of pure resonance of crystal tones and sound vibrations of the alchemy crystal bowls may cause sensitivities for you if:

– You wear a hearing aid device
– You have metal implants
– You suffer from epilepsy
– Or if you are in the early stages of pregnancy.

If you are in doubt, please consult your medical practitioner or contact the yoga centre before attending.

More information on Lisa’s website – Lisa Pauley (

Sunday 11th February, 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Please bring any props, cushions and blankets you want with you to help you get really comfortable.

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