y61430z Saturday 28th November 2:30 pm

Suggested price: £14.00

Minimum price: £7.00

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1 person Zoom online access to Yin Yoga Workshop for The Upper Body with Irene on

Saturday 28th November at 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Winter is a Yin season: dark, slow and inward compared to the Yang of the warmer months. We may feel physically stagnant and want to hide away. In this workshop we focus on poses, which help us replenish and revitalize the body, and find balance and harmony. We will also talk about how to stay grounded and release stress during the upcoming festive season. We finish with a loving-kindness Metta meditation.


In our uncertain times, we are taking the bold step of inviting you to join our classes in a spirit of generosity. It must be worthwhile, dynamic and sustainable. We want you to feel welcome to participate, and we also need to cover The Yoga Hall’s costs.  In order to open the doors of The Yoga Hall again once freedom of movement is resumed, we need to continue to pay rent, utilities and maintenance whilst we are teaching online.

You are the one who identifies your contribution. The suggested price honourably covers the “hard marginal costs” of your participation. Those who contribute more (thank you!) make it possible to include some who cannot. Some valued participants can only afford a lower amount. Just go ahead and identify it, down to £7. We are very excited to welcome you as part of this courageous and generous community!

Please help us spread the word.  Share your experience of our online classes with your friends & family as well as on social media.

When you have purchased this access ticket you will receive an email receipt with a Zoom link to join the class.
Please do not share this link; it is for your use only.
You will need the (free) Zoom App for your device and a (free) Zoom account.
Allow some time to set this up before the class if necessary.

Please position the camera so that the teacher can see your practice, and position your screen so that you can see the teacher. From your App you will be able to toggle between speaker (teacher) view or Gallery view where you will be able to see other participants. You can join with audio only, but we encourage you remain on video feed on so that we keep the sense of community support. Set up your practice somewhere you won’t be disturbed. Clear the space, make it smell nice, dim the lighting. Bring in anything that raises the vibration and makes it really comfortable for you. You may need a blanket to cover yourself at the end. Your audio will remain muted so that unavoidable home noises don’t disturb the class. The teacher may open the audio at the end of the class so you can share your experience or ask a question.

If you have any technical difficulties, please ring Finlay on 07958 927946

Refunds can only be made if technical difficulties at our end mean that no class is broadcast.