Yoga Therapy Course


This Eight Week Course, designed by Heather Mason, Founder of The Minded Institute, is made up of weekly two–hour sessions. Each session focusses on specific tools to help you find balance by regulating you’re emotions and building self-awareness.

The classes are kept to a maximum of 10 students in a closed group and consist of yoga postures, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation and a focus on a topic to support balance.

Week 1-2: Learn to regulate and understand your mood through the breath.

Week 3-5: Understand emotional health through working with the body.

Week 6-8: Learn to work with the mind by engaging in practices that enable you to view and adapt mental patterns in new and helpful ways.

Each week the theme builds upon and develops the previous week’s learning and at the end of each session there is a chance to discuss what has been learned (optional). Included as part of the course is a comprehensive course manual which will support weekly themed homework to help you to integrate the yoga and mindfulness practices into your everyday life.

On Zoom or in-person at The Yoga Hall.

All sessions are taught by Louise Stanion. If you join by Zoom, consider where you’ll be located during the session times, ensuring you have a quiet, private and comfortable place to be, and ensure you have reliable internet connection wherever that is. Consider also blocking a 15 minute pre and post time before and after the sessions, for your own settling, integration and transitions.
No previous experience of yoga is necessary. You will need a Yoga mat, but all other props can usually be found from around your home.

Lou has taught yoga since 2006 and is a qualified Minded Yoga Therapist having completed the 500 hour Yoga & Mindfulness Training with Heather Mason at The Minded Institute. 

What makes this course stand out?

Often courses designed to support emotional healing will focus on either the mind or the body. Without movement or breath work a person will struggle to use the power of mind to change deeply entrenched patterns of thinking and reacting. Likewise if we only focus on the body we may overlook the reasons why we are so tied to particular ways of reacting to our environment.

Research reveals that faster and more long-term healing occurs through the intelligent integration of mind and body techniques.